Saturday, 5 April 2014

huawei s7-701u hard reset

Pattern lock
Hang on logo
Application error
Procedure: Hard Reset | Factory Reset
1. Press and hold the power button + volume up + volume down.
2. When you feel the vibration,release the power button.
3. When the Android logo appears, release the volume up.
4. You will see some running lines in the Android logo, hold still the volume down and wait for 10 seconds then release it.
5. Then let it reboot by itself.
6. Hard reseting done.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

how reset samsung f339 user code

samsung f339 reset user lock

1)Connect Phone With USB Cable 
2)Hold "UP Volume Key + Hold Key 
and Power ON"
3)Should Be In Download Mode 
4)Select Diagnostic Port And Press User Code
5)After Done do master Reset

*759#813580 -> Master Reset .

Sunday, 16 February 2014

reliance zte v9c hard reset 100%

just dial in emergency
this numbers *987*
wait 2 min after screen off
then dial again *983*987#
then select reset option

Sunday, 2 February 2014

karbonn a6 format via miracle

Karbonn A6 Too Many Pettern Lock Solved By Miracle Box
1,re insert battery and press volume + button and connect the mobile to system via usb cable
2;insert the drivers correctly
3.disconnect phone
4;open miracle select spd and select spd 8810/6820
5;select format and press start
6;insert battery to phone and press holding volume+ and connect the phone
7; wait for finish
reset via direct usb cable
no need power cable of box

Saturday, 4 January 2014

samsung e1282t flashing

Samsung E1282T Flashing Steps:

- Turn off your Samsung E1282T mobile phone and take its battery out.

- From Flasher folder run ResearchDownload.exe program.

- Click on Settings button.

- At the opened window Select SC6530_SAMSUNG from Select Product drop down menu.

- Select 921600 for Bautrate.

- Select the following firmware files from the downloaded flash package:

- For NOR_FDL: nor_fdl.bin

- For NV: nvitem.bin

- For PS: SC6530_sc6530_samsung_EricPlus_stone.bin

- For MMICSC: mmi_res_128x160_csc.bin

- Go to Calibration tab and uncheck them all, Then click OK button.

- Click on Start Downloading button.

- Now put the battery back into your phone.

- Press and Hold OK key on your phone's keypad and connect USB cable to it.

- The program will start the flash process automatically.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

intex cloud x2 formet with volcano

formet with miracle  box
cpu spd 8810/6820
first read backup then formet

Monday, 28 October 2013

spd 6531 cpu flashing

spreadtrum cpu 6531 cpu flashing

no flash ic in board

use miracle box

Friday, 18 October 2013

karbonn a21 hard reset step by step

 press vol up + home + pwr key = at same time
press till green light come on display
now remove finger from pwr key only
now press 3 times power key
its automatically go on recovery mode

Sunday, 13 October 2013

cyclone box only usb no tp rooting for lumia

All NOKIA DLOAD OSBL loaders are supported (even latest one!)

 Cyclone box present a great solution for USB rooting Lumia 800 and 800C, this method giving attractive and it is very easily can be root lumia listed models

1. Run Cyclone, it will be auto-updated
2. Update your Box Firmware to v2.20
3. Go to WP7 -> Simlocks Tab
4. Select Product and click ROOT!

1. Run Cyclone, it will be auto-updated
2. Update your Box Firmware to v2.20
3. Go to WP7 -> Simlocks Tab
4. Select Product and click ROOT!

It should go this way:

"Lumia No TP Root Procedure Started...

If phone is alive, It will be automatically swithced to OSBL mode.
If software can't switch to OSBL mode, or phone is generally DEAD do folllowing:

1. Turn OFF device, wait 15 seconds afterwards
2. Eject USB cable, wait 10 seconds
3. Press and hold Volume-UP button
4. Insert USB Cable. OSBL should be booted.

Booting CMT...
[Urządzenie kompozytowe USB]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
[Urządzenie kompozytowe USB]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
Switching to RAW Mode...
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
OSBL Details
Protocol: v1.1
Version: v257.6
Build: 12
Timestamp: 2012-02-17 14:40:05
OSBL Bootloader Ready
USB&UART Tracing set
RSA Signature Calculated for QCB Boot, Writing...
OSBL Certificate Details
Magic: WP70
Version: 0
Signer Server ID: 0x98031573
Signer Timestamp: 2011-09-28 15:52:12
Signer S/N: 23
Signer User ID: 10046114
Auth Level: Care
Data Encryption: 0
Image Index: 0
Asic Index: 0
Type: Image Write
Hashtable Parsed OK
Certificate Accepted
[ASIC 0, Storage 4,1] Writing 850.552kB @ 0x000000000007D200
Write taken 0.358s (Average speed: 19462,61kBits/s)
Restoring Modem from BACKUP_RAMFS_IMAGE...
Restore OK
Restarting MCU...
Rooting Finished!"